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What are the 12 seasons in color analysis

Updated: Jan 24

Color analysis has been broken down into 12 different seasons, a concept that suggests that people can be grouped according to certain color characteristics. For each season, there is a specific set of colors best suited for an individual's natural complexion. These colors are based on their personal coloring and will bring out their features in an aesthetically pleasing way.

The 12 seasons in color analysis are:

  1. Light Spring

  2. Warm Spring

  3. Clear Spring

  4. Light Summer

  5. Cool Summer

  6. Soft Summer

  7. Deep Autumn

  8. Warm Autumn

  9. Soft Autumn

  10. Light Winter

  11. Cool Winter

  12. Clear Winter

Each season is associated with certain colors that complement the individual's natural coloring. For example, Light Spring is associated with light, warm, and bright colors such as pastels and coral, while Deep Autumn is associated with rich, warm, and muted colors such as olive and rust.

It is not uncommon to assess a person's skin tone as part of a comprehensive analysis. Skin tones can be identified as belonging to one of three primary categories - warm, cool, or neutral. Those in possession of a warm skin tone tend to have an underlying hue that is yellow, peach, or golden; whereas individuals with a cool skin tone may possess shades ranging from pink through red and blue. Neutral complexions meanwhile feature a blend of both warm and cool undertones.

Another benefit of professional color analysis is that it can be a great investment. Knowing which colors look best on you will guide you away from wasting money on pieces that just don't work with your complexion. As such, it can help you create an impressive wardrobe filled with versatile and flattering clothes and accessories

Overall, professional color analysis can help individuals feel more confident in their appearance and make informed decisions when it comes to their wardrobe. It is a valuable tool for anyone looking to enhance their personal style and create a wardrobe that suits their unique coloring and personality. Are you unsure about which colors look best on you? Let me help! As a color analysis expert, my mission is to help you pick the perfect shades and tones that will make you look and feel amazing.

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