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My name is Dani Galo but you can call me

The Color Analyst

My goal is to effortlessly and quickly elevate your style. The key? The transformative power of color. Let's amplify your innate beauty into color analysis, color psychology, and focusing on human aspects that go beyond traditional fashion.

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Confident Women through the Magic of Color Analysis

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“What an experience! We did a double session for me and my husband we left with a smile on our face, loved the experience Thank You so much Dani , you change it my way of seeing colors"
"Honestly, I had no idea my face could change so much with just color. She was so professional, kind and made me feel comfortable. This experience have change my life and my closet!"
 "She is super nice, professional, patient and thorough in describing the process of the analysis from start to finish. The result blew my mind, totally unexpected though when I think about it, totally makes sense."



My journey's been a rollercoaster of colors through various careers. I kicked off in the wild world of advertising, diving deep into design and branding, making sure companies rocked their best colors and vibes. Then, I thought, "Why not add a dash of movie magic?" Cue my master's in film production, where I dreamed of crafting characters and playing with art direction to create killer looks.

But you know how life does its thing – it led me down a different path, and I found myself in the whirlwind of TV and digital production. Here, it was all about nailing the perfect image, the true look, and figuring out how to make others slay on camera. 

So, I had this lightbulb moment. Instead of styling brands, characters, or personalities, why not sprinkle a bit of that color magic on real people? That's when I dove into the world of personal color analysis. Picture this – instead of crafting a brand image, I was now helping individuals rock their true colors and feel amazing about who they are.

There's nothing I love more than witnessing countless women leave my studio exuding confidence, and expressing themselves through the enchanting influence of color. I can't wait to have you join the color party and see you light up with joy and power through color analysis 🌈✨

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